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Old 04-28-2010, 02:56 PM

Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Texas
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Default May 2010 Budget


Mortgage: $2300.00
5/15 mortgage 2300.00

Debt Repayment: $1000.00
5/1 debt 500.00
5/15 debt 500.00

Utilities: $800.00
5/1 cable 155.00
5/1 cell phone 220.00
5/1 electric/gas 240.00
5/1 water 55.00
5/1 tivo 35.00
5/15 security 150.00

Car Payment: $1600.00 (Paying it off. YIPPEEEEE)
5/1 car payment 1600.00

Groceries: $300.00

Gasoline: $200.00
5/7 gas 50.00
5/14 gas 50.00
5/15 tolltag 40.00

Allowances: $400.00
5/3 counselor liability insurance 100.00
5/3 tea dress and accessories 100.00
5/15 massage club 49.00
5/16 my allowance 20.00
5/14 dh allowance 100.00

License Supervision Fee $260.00
5/1 260.00


Kids: Beginning balance $0.00 + $500.00= $500.00
5/1 dance tuition 266.50
5/3 lunch accounts 60.00
5/15 dance dvd 10.00

Minor Emergency Account: Beginning balance $150.00 + $150.00= $300.00

Slush Fund: Beginning balance $0.00 + $300.00= $300.00
4/30-5/2 Dance convention week-end $250.00
5/9 mother's day gifts 150.00

May Extra Items:
Dh will need his inspection which may or may not include new tires (to come from minor emergency fund). I also need to go to the dentist (to come from minor emergency account).

Dh got a bonus at work so we used that to buy a tree to plant in our dog's memory, gardening supplies, dh's car all new tires, inspection, and maintenance, and dh a new computer. We saved some for what I know is going to be an expensive dental bill coming up.

Last edited by multiplyblessed; 05-17-2010 at 07:19 AM.
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