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Freelance Work from Home Job: Freelance Writer

FrugalMom Reviewed & Recommended: Freelance Job Search Site

We've reviewed this freelance job search site and can highly recommend Freelance Work Exchange as a work from home solution. I have to admit, reviewing the site was hard, because I kept getting distracted by interesting freelance job opportunities.  In addition to the freelance job search, they also offer many free productivity tools, including free software downloads and ebooks.  The site offers a number of freelance writing jobs including; freelance writing, freelance editing and freelance proofreader. This is a great place for a freelance writer to find freelance jobs.

Work at Home as a Freelance Writer

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With so many interesting freelance writing job opportunities, I felt like a kid in a candy store, and I think you will too!

You can cruise the site and get a taste of the freelance jobs they have to offer, but for the full experience we highly recommend investing $2.95 for a week of unlimited access.  As a freelance writer, you can find hundreds of freelance writing and editing jobs...with fresh jobs daily. Get instant access to thousands of freelance and work-at-home writing and other freelance jobs. $2.95. Click here to start.

  • New freelance writer opportunities each day - pick new and exciting freelance jobs when you want them 

  • No set work hours - Work as many or few jobs as you want

  • As a freelance writer, charge what think the job is worth - You set the price for your services

  • Jobs for everyone - Non-technical, technical, and jobs requiring specific expertise

And the Best Part is...

You can sign up for a 1 week unlimited trial for the price of a latte... only $2.95

For the cost of a good cup of coffee, you can have full and unlimited access to their database of freelance writing jobs and apply for as many as you want, for a full week.  PLUS you can also download the free tools and ebooks and save nearly $50 on their Work at Home Success Kit.

Freelance Writers Needed !

Here are samples of some recent freelance jobs for writers:

  • Freelance Writer Wanted to Write World of Warcraft Guides

  • Writer Needed on Freelance Basis to  Write Sports Articles

  • Write Ebay Case Study on Freelance Basis

  • Freelancer Writer Needed: Write brochures and ad copy

  • Freelance Writer / Designer  to Update web site with new material

  • Write freelance content for web sites

  • Write content for teen magazine on freelance basis

  • Freelance Editor Needed: Rewrite (reword) articles

  • Write elearning lectures and PowerPoint presentations

  • Write a slogan

  • Freelancer Writer Needed: Write Dental Articles

  • Write Web Articles

  • Freelance Technical Writer Needed

  • Write SEO Web Pages

  • Freelance Copy Writer Needed

  • Freelance Content Writer & Editor

  • Freelance Book Editor Needed

  • Write Press Release and Site Copy

  • Writer Needed on Freelance Basis to Write Keyword Rich Articles

  • Write for a News Portal

  • Ghostwrite E-Book Content

  • Rewrite Articles

  • Rewrite a Book

  • Write Lecture Content for E-Course

  • Freelance Writer Wanted to Write Web Site Copy

  • Freelance Write For Music Magazine

  • Write a Real Estate Slogan

  • Freelance writer Needed to Write for a Travel Book

  • Write Technical Documents

  • Write User Manuals as a Freelance Writer

  • Write Keyword Rich Articles

  • Transcribe Audio

  • Edit a Book

  • Freelance Copy Editor

  • Freelancer Writer Needed: Assist Writing a Music Book

  • Freelance Editor Needed: Proof a Manuscript

  • Freelance Writer Wanted to Write Research Papers

  • Write Freelance for a Women's Magazine

  • Freelance Writing Opportunity: Be a Historical Blogger

If you don't see a freelance writing job that you like, there are thousands more jobs of all types to review!


There are so many cool and interesting jobs on this we can't begin to do this site justice in a single article!  Our recommendation is for you to go see it yourself!