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Food Cravings & Keeping Your Diet Commitment - Tips on successful dieting and dealing with food cravings.

A/C Tips and Tricks - Lower your electric bill, your maintenance cost and improve your cooling (and heating) with these simple tricks of the trade.

Debt Consolidation - Get the facts on how you can save money each month with our free calculators.

Gifts in a Jar:  Low on cash this year?  Try gifts in a jar!

Car Tips to Save you Money - Simple steps you can take today to save you money.

Frugal Church Design - Save 35 to 50% on church design using pre-developed church plans.

Are You Overlooking Your Most Effective Tool to Reduce Debt? (popular)

Maximize Your Tax Return - Find out ways you can increase your tax refund this year!

How to Get Scholarship Money - Putting a child can be very expensive.  Learn more about scholarships and how to apply.

Frugal Decorating - Learn some fun ways to decorate the frugal way!

Frugal Vacation - Camping! If you are looking for a frugal and fun family vacation, these camping tips & checklists will help you do it right!

Family Fun on a BudgetOur frugal moms have some great ideas that your whole family will enjoy...and they won't break the bank!

Fundraising Guide for Parents and Teachers - Free Info

Shop More - Spend Less!

How cool is that?  Click to find out how to save money on shopping.

Save Money on your Electric Bill:  20 quick and easy tips to lower your electric bill.

More Frugal Living Articles - Our collection is growing!

For Even More Frugal Hints & Tips

Visit the BareFoot Lass web site for hundreds of other user supplied ideas. Barefoot Lass's Hints & Tips" is a website filled with interesting and helpful information on everything from removing crayon marks from walls, finding the best hangover cure to making a clarifying face mask. This site will save you time and money with hundreds of tips for the home, cooking, beauty, laundry, pets, health and so much more.


Frugal Living Aids

Lower Household Expenses

These series of articles and tips will help cut household expense.

Free Dog Training Newsletter

Training your new puppy. 100% Free Dog Training Tips Newsletter

Household Budget Calculator! 

Use this free budget calculator to develop a sensible household budget. Compare your spending to national averages for your income level.  This free calculator is provided by Mvelopes, the same home budgeting system that FrugalMom uses....and loves.

Save up to 50% on dog food

 * Make your own dog shampoo

 * Eliminate dogs bad breath

 * Make dog safe Insecticides

 * Make dog safe fertilizers

 * Odor remover recipe, and more.

Real Deals - Real Savings

Frugal Home & Car Buying

Visit one of the largest and most popular sites on the web for repo'd and seized and property.  Their loss can be your gain.  As featured by CBS News, ABC News, Barrons, Information Week, and Good Housekeeping.

Buy Foreclosed Property

Save tens of thousands of dollars on a home purchase by buying property going  into foreclosure. Free Search

Baby Showers

Check out our new articles and resources for hosting baby showers!

School or Church Fundraising 

Raise money for your school, church or other favorite group!

Free Fundraising Information Kit

Free Fundraiser Offer!

Freelance Job Board

Get a 1-week unlimited trial to Freelance Work Exchange's online freelance job list.  Read full article...

100% Free Software

Save hundreds of dollars on this suite of software.  No Gimmick!   Use OpenOffice.orgPublic Domain Software that is compatible with, and comparable to, Micro$oft Office.

Frugal Coupon Section

Coupons to your favorite stores! Print what you need when you need it!

w  Printable Coupons

Online Shopping Coupons

Online Specials

Hot Deals



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Freezer Cooking Diet Plan

FrugalMom Hot Product

Diet recipes for once a week and once a month cooking. Save money and lose weight too with the Easy-Does-It Diet Cookbook

My Budget Planner:
Discover the Simple plan that takes just 5 minutes a day to help you see where all your money is going, control your spending, and actually start saving.  Get More information.

Once a Month Cooking

OAMC (or freezer cooking) is a great way to save money and time!  We have step-by-step directions as well as great freezer cooking recipes to get you started!  Visit Frugal Mom's Once a Month Cooking Section.

Frugal Menus

Learn how to save money on your grocery bill by planning frugal menus! We also have a great collection of frugal menus and frugal recipes on our Frugal Living Message Board.

3 Free Debt Management Calculators:

Credit Card Minimum Payment Interest Calculator

Debt Consolidation Calculator - Refinance without home equity loan

Debt Consolidation Calculator - Refinance with home equity loan. 

Free Nature Hills Nursery Catalog

Frugal Living & Gradening Check out our Frugal Garden Section for wonderful articles, catalogs, seeds and tips for making the most of your spring garden planting!


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