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Frugal Family Fun

Are you looking for ways to have fun with your family that don't cost a lot of money?  Our frugal moms have some great ideas that your whole family will enjoy...and they won't break the bank!


Our Top Pick:

Netflix.com.  My 5 children would love me to take them to the movies, but honestly, it just isn't realistic.  With movie prices being what they are, it would cost us a fortune for all of us to go.  And that is without the popcorn!  We decided to become members of Netflix.  Netflix is an online service where you pick out movies to watch, and Netflix will mail them to you.  Netflix is wonderful for many reasons:

  • There are no late fees because there are no due dates for the movies!

  • All different plans - you can choose what suits your family's needs and budget.

  • A fantastic selection of movies.

  • Next day delivery of movies and no shipping charges.  (I was shocked the first time I ordered movies.  I placed the online order Thursday mid-morning and they were here on Friday!)

  • Each movie comes with a return envelope that is postage paid.

  • Free trial

Netflix - Only $9.99 a month. Over 55,000 Titles. No Late Fees. Try it for Free!


More Frugal Ideas:

Make ice cream sundaes with yummy toppings
Bake homemade cookies
Play outdoor games such as "Kick the Can" or "Mother May I"

Play board games. Monopoly (or Monotony as dh likes to call it) is one of our favorites!
Play horse shoes
Play Frisbee
Visit a free museum
Go fishing
Listen to music
Go skating
Have picnic lunch in the yard or at the park
Spend the day at the park
Walk the dogs
Water fights (or water balloon fights)

Play in the sprinkler
Play volleyball
Play basketball
Roasting marshmallows
Tell funny made-up stories
Read a book together out loud
Do a craft project together
Thrift Store Shopping

Garage or yard sale shoppingGo shopping at thrift stores

Do an art projects

Go to any festivals in town

Visit the library - many have summer programs with fun activities for the kids

Go camping

Play Charades


Send us your ideas - we'd love to add them to our list!