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Frugal Tips

Once a Month Cooking

For great ideas on how to save money around the house, frugal recipes, homemade cleaning supplies and so much more  - click here to check our tips!


Learn how to save money by cooking Once a Month! Lots of new recipes added!  Click Here to visit Once a Month Cooking World - a sister site!

Frugal Groceries

Frugal Menus

We have saved over 40% on non-perishable grocery items by subscribing to this service and cut our whole grocery bill by 25%.     Save on Grocery Bill


Learn how to save money on your grocery bill by planning your menu!  Click Here for Frugal Menus.

Frugal Shopping


Frugal Mom Shopping: Frugal Mom Shopping is dedicated to helping you save money online!   Click here to enter.


Experts say that for each $20.00 of supplies and labor invested, a return of more than $200.00 can be reaped! Visit our Gardening Section!

Frugal Articles


New Section! Would you like to find more ways to save money?  Here you will find lots of great articles on Frugal Living!

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Would you like to save money while shopping online?  Print out the coupons before you shop. Check out our coupon section for great savings!  Frugal Mom Coupons.


Want more great ideas?  Join us on the Frugal Mom Message Board and learn from others just like yourself who have learned how to save money at home and earn money at home! Click here for the Message Board!


Budget Planner:
I know that many of you would like a system that you can use on your computer. Some of you have tried Quicken or Microsoft Money and found that it takes too long to set up and is fairly complicated. This Budget Planner takes just minutes to setup and is easy enough for kids to use. It offers an adult version, a kids version (ages 4-8) and a planner for Teens (ages 9-16). Please take the time to check this out. Click Here

I really like MyBudgetPlanner and unlike Quicken and MS Money, I can focus on my daily spending and being mindful about where the money is going. I really think this is a great tool for those who want to change their spending patterns so that their true goals are supported by their daily spending choices. I love the instant feedback so we can see where we are each day. We saved $1000.00 over two months by spending five minutes each day tracking where our money was going and making a few small adjustments.
Jon Heinrich, WA


Visit the Frugal Mom Bookstore - we have a huge selection of Books on Frugal Living!



Frugal Mom Articles

New:  Debt Consolidation - Get the facts!

New: Car Tips to Save you Money - Simple steps you can take today to save you money.

 Maximize Your Tax Return - Find out ways you can increase your tax refund this year!

How to Get Scholarship Money - Putting a child can be very expensive.  Learn more about scholarships and how to apply.

Frugal Decorating - Learn some fun ways to decorate the frugal way!

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