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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas!

Fundraising Ideas

World's Finest Chocolate: Top pick in our Fundraising Ideas

Scratchcard Fundraiser Program - Free Sample

Scratchcards:  One of the most profitable of our Fundraising Ideas

Free fundraiser - Online fundraiser

Of all fundraising ideas, this is our only online fundraiser

Popcorn is a great Fundraising Idea

Fundraising Ideas

Gourmet Frozen Food Fundraising Idea

Fundraising Idea - Gift Catalogs

Fundraising Ideas

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraising Idea


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America's Top Fundraising Products and Programs

Regardless of the type of group or organization, or the reasons for your fundraiser, these fundraising ideas are proven money makers.  From the World's Finest Chocolate candy bars to Scratchcards (one of the hottest fundraising money makers) you can find the best and safest programs right here!

From America's Fundraising Organization

We've done the fundraising ideas research for you and have partnered with an American Icon, and experienced fundraising organization, QSP Readers Digest; a company that has raised over $3.5 Billion in fundraising since 1961.


Proven Fundraising Ideas for *Your* Group

Perfect for...

  • PTA or PTO

  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Clubs

  • Libraries

  • Booster Clubs

  • Missions

  • Sports Teams of All Types!

  • Women's Groups

  • Private Schools

  • Youth Groups

  • Anyone that wants to raise money!

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Fundraising Ideas and Products


Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising can help raise money for programs, ministries and youth groups

Church fundraising ideas can be used to raise funds for a variety of projects or ministries such as youth programs, missions and mission trips, outreach and other ministries. Another popular need for fundraising ideas is for vacation bible school. Remember, every dollar that you earn with various church fundraising ideas is an extra dollar for your building program, youth group, or other ministry. 


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Fundraising Ideas