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Here are the Facts:

We at Frugalmom personally interviewed the owner and were quite impressed with her and the organization.

  • International Association of Mothers Working at Home 2006 Opportunity of the Year, award winner

  • The Home Referral Network continues to be one of the top work at home businesses since 1999. 

  • No Hype, No Unreal Promises - Just a Real Opportunity to Work From Home That is Proven & Well Documented

  • A small investment created $30,000 in sales the first year which has since grown to over $100,000 a year.

  • HRN was ranked the #1 Business Opportunity by Small Business Opportunities Magazine in 1999 and Home Referral Network continues to be one of the better documented work from home opportunities, appearing in recent print articles in over 24 magazines

As seen on TV

  • Lifetime Television's New Attitudes and

  • CNNfn Entrepreneurs Only

HRN - An Ideal Work From Home Solution

HRN was started by Debra Cohen, a mom who dropped out of corporate life to work from home.


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  • Get paid to refer home improvement contractors

  • Follow a proven business system

  • Get all the support you’ll need

HRN - An Ideal Work From Home Solution

Read our 2 articles on this wonderful opportunity:

Home Business Success Story:  Homeowner Referral Service of Michigan, LLC

After more than 30 years in varied administrative jobs, Robbie Meyer of Brownstown, Michigan decided that it was time to go to work for her self. The last position she held was as a credit manager for a company that was in shambles. The job cost her long hours away from home each week and Robbie finally decided that if she was going to work that hard again, it would be for her own business.

But finding a business that suited her interests as well as her lifestyle was no easy task. Robbie and her husband already owned a small building company that demanded some of her time each week. And, in addition to being active in their local church she was also the caretaker for her two children and senior citizen mom. She needed to find a career that would allow her to work from home and still earn a decent living.

After months of searching, Robbie read an article online and immediately recognized her opportunity. The article was about Debra Cohen who had launched a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) business in New York as a resource for homeowners seeking pre-screened home improvement contractors. The business concept immediately appealed to her for a number of reasons:

First, operating an HRN would allow Robbie to create a flexible work schedule, which would accommodate her family responsibilities.

Second, Robbie recognized a need in the suburbs of Detroit for this type of service. Through her husband’s remodeling business, she had heard numerous horror stories about homeowners not getting a fair shake from disreputable contractors who were operating without the appropriate credentials. Robbie felt that an HRN would be an ideal way to not only help homeowners in her community but to also assist reputable contractors promote their services and build their businesses.

Finally, the monthly operating costs for the HRN business as outlined in Debra’s program were minimal which meant that it wouldn’t require a large capital investment to get started.

In the summer of 2002 Robbie purchased an HRN Business Package and three months later launched Homeowner Referral Service of Michigan, LLC—the first HRN in the state of Michigan.

Robbie’s HRN has been very well received by both homeowners and contractors. As Robbie explains, “Homeowners are pleased that they do not have to worry about the background of the contractor working in their home and the contractors are very happy to get the work.”

The month following the launch of Homeowner Referral Service of MI, Robbie’s HRN was featured in a local paper and that’s when her business took off. Homeowners from all over Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties were calling Robbie for contractor referrals on jobs big and small. Robbie set to work at locating and screening enough reputable contractors to handle all of the work. And, she succeeded. To date, Homeowner Referral Service of Michigan currently has a stable of 34 contractors ranging from general contractors and painters to landscape designers and electricians. Her network is growing daily yet she is extremely selective about the contractors she will include in her database. This proud business owner even admits that she would rather turn down a job than refer a contractor who she felt wasn’t up to her HRN’s standards.

Robbie landed her first job for a chimney sweep after only one week in operation—a whopping $6.50 commission. Now she is referring jobs with price tags of more than $20,000.00. Her largest job to date is a new home construction project, which is estimated at $375,000.00!

“Things are going very well here and I just love this business! It is very rewarding. I have been blessed with some very good contractors and also grateful and easy-to-work with homeowners. One man just e-mailed me after one of my contractors left his house and thanked me for making his life easier. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

For more information about how to launch an HRN in your area, click here.

HRN - An Ideal Work From Home Solution

Top Ten Misconceptions About Running Your Own Home Referral Network Business

1. Contractors are too busy already and don’t want extra work. As one of my contractors once told me: “A good contractor won’t turn down a good, paying customer.” The client may have to wait for the job to be scheduled but most of my clients feel that good contractors are worth waiting for.

2. The HRN business requires costly advertising. This is a word of mouth type of business and a lot of job requests are generated through networking in your community, PR and direct mail. It’s not expensive to promote the HRN business. In fact, many HRN owners generate their first jobs before they even launch a promotional campaign.

3. You need to live in a heavily populated area to run a successful HRN business. Actually, this is a very local business. Most contractors won’t travel far for work therefore an HRN needs to operate locally to start. Once you’ve established a network in your immediate area, you can expand into new markets and create new networks of contractors to handle the business.

4. A local HRN business won’t be able to compete with established, national contractor referral businesses. As CBS Marketwatch recently reported: “There's probably no project that homeowners won't first research online, but when it comes to inviting contractors to their remodeling project, they're less willing to depend on electronic means.” In fact, online referral services like Improvenet and ServiceMagic haven’t posed any competition to the hundreds of HRN’s operating nationally. 

5. You need contracting experience to run an HRN. The HRN owner is responsible for marketing and promotion and the contractors represented in the network are responsible for the technical aspects of the job therefore no contracting experience is required.

6. The contracting business is male dominated and most contractors won’t take a woman seriously. Just the opposite—many of my contractors tell me that they enjoy talking to a woman after working with men all day. Besides, if you generate business for them--male or female--you’ll ultimately earn their respect.

7. The HRN owner is liable in case of a mishap on a job. The contractor is ultimately responsible for his own work and there are numerous safeguards in place to protect the HRN owner including a signed liability clause, operating procedures and insurance provisions.

8. Running an HRN business means that my phone will be ringing in the middle of the night with emergency calls. An HRN deals with home improvement “projects” not “emergencies”. Of course it’s your prerogative if you’d like to set up your business to provide emergency referrals.

9. The HRN owner goes onsite to check out each job before referring it to a contractor in their network. The HRN owner never goes to a customer’s home to check out a job. In fact, I handle more than 90% of my business by telephone.

10. If I launch an HRN, I have to use the name “Home Remedies”. Actually, the name Home Remedies is trademarked and each HRN operates under it’s own name.

Debra Cohen is owner and founder of the Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) business—a home based contractor referral service business-- and author of The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network. For more information about how to launch an HRN in your area, visit the HRN website at www.homereferralbiz.com.