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Lights & Headlamps

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Primus Alpine Easylight Lantern

A lighter and more compact all season lantern. Burns up to 24 hours. Patented quiet burner guarantees soot-free operation. Corrosion resistant and mai...Read More

Brunton Liberty Mantleless Lantern

Freedom. Free from priming, free from matches or lighters and free from fumes and residue. The Liberty is the world's first mantleless lantern and it'...Read More

PrincetonTec Aqua Strobe

This outdoor and marine survival light is designed to be a real lifesaver. It operates on a single AA battery & floats head up in water. Clipped to yo...Read More

PrincetonTec Aurora

Weighing less than three ounces, the Aurora headlamp is lightweight, compact and waterproof. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the three high output L.E.D.s...Read More

PrincetonTec Attitude

The smooth intense white light of the ATTITUDE is achieved by the unique triangular configuration of three high output white L.E.D.'s. The compact si...Read More

PrincetonTec Quest

A lightweight, affordable headlamp that maintains all the durability characteristics of the popular Solo headlamp, the QUEST is perfect for the novice...Read More

PrincetonTec Scout

The term ultra-light and compact is re-defined with the introduction of the new Scout headlamp. Offering waterproof integrity and weighing approximate...Read More

PrincetonTec Sport Flare

Both the Sport Flare and Aqua Flare provide a safer, more dependable, environmentally friendly alternative to candle lanterns, gas lanterns and chemic...Read More

PrincetonTec Yukon

L.E.D. Technology comes to life once again at Princeton Tec with the introduction of our new Yukon headlamp. Whether youre nighttime climbing, paddlin...Read More