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Mystery Shopping Leads

Mystery Shopping Leads & Resources

Each Mystery Shopping Company will have their own system for assigning and recruiting shoppers for jobs.  Some will have shops posted on their websites, some will work through schedulers and others will send out emails.  The additional sources I have listed are more ways that you can find jobs. 

Tampa Bay Mystery Shoppers Meet-up Group - This is a group for mystery shoppers in the Tampa Bay area to network, learn some new tricks of the trade and to find out how to get more work.  There isn't a fee to join and they hold regular meetings and seminars. Newbies and experienced shoppers are welcome!

Palm Scheduling Services - Add your information to their database and subscribe to their email list.  You will be emailed lots of leads for jobs.

Lila's Lounge - This is a very friendly yahoo group for mystery shoppers. Lila Francis also has a forum that you can visit:  http://www.lilaslounge.com.  

Volition - This is a message forum that has leads posted daily.

Delphi and Topica have many groups that you can subscribe to.  It is worth your time to look through these.  For instance I subscribe to a Topica group that emails me leads in Florida.

Yahoo Groups: Yahoo Groups is also a good place to search for mystery shopping leads, or to find others who are doing mystery shopping.

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