Mystery Shopping - How to Mystery Shop

  Become a Mystery Shopper

Do you think that you'd like to become a Mystery Shopper?  All you need to do is follow my simple Shop Plan and you will be shopping for profit in no time!  

The Perfect Job

What makes Mystery Shopping the ideal job for a stay-at-home mom?

  • You choose how much you work, or how little you work. 

  • You are your own boss and that means you set your own hours.

  • You will get out of it what you put into it - your income level is up to you!   

  • It is fun and easy to become a mystery shopper

  • You can get free stuff!

What is Mystery Shopping?

The Mystery Shopper program is a technique to help business owners learn how they are doing when it comes to meeting the customers needs.  The mystery shopper will visit the business to assess various areas such as first impressions, customer service, and product knowledge of the employees. Business owners know that they will achieve customer satisfaction and retain loyal customers when they exceed what their customers anticipate in a positive way. Mystery shopping can also be used to evaluate a businesses current program, monitor new programs or evaluate training effectiveness. 

Many companies today are using mystery shoppers in an effort to improve customer service.  They understand that in fierce competition customer loyalty is extremely important.  Customers, if they are to return for business, must be satisfied with their shopping experience.  So many times we decide where to shop or who to do business with based on emotional decisions.  How were we treated by the staff, did the employees care that I was there to shop?  Is the high-pressure sales tactics of the employees keeping me away, was I ignored while shopping? 

There are wide assortments of businesses that utilize mystery shoppers.  I have done a large diversity of shops that include apartment complexes, fast food restaurants, and large department stores, sit down restaurants, online services, travel agencies, convenience stores, smaller retail stores, gas stations, outlet malls, hotels,  grocery stores and even amusement parks.  And there are so many more that I haven’t experienced yet.  Imagine getting a job as a shopper for a cruise line!  Those jobs are out there and as you establish your name in this business they will become available to you. 

Do you have tips on Mystery Shopping or great resources to share with other Frugal Moms?  I'd love to post your tips on our website.  Please Contact us.

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