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Getting Organized for Mystery Shopping

The following are ideas for staying organized and keeping track of your shops.  I suggest you read through and find a system that will work best for you.

Purchase at your local office supply store a large desktop calendar with large blocks for each day.  That way you can write the name of each shop you have scheduled on the appropriate day.  It is very easy to see, at a glance, what days you have available.


Use Microsoft Outlook's calendar section to keep all of your shops on your computer.  This is a great tool because you can keep you To Do list here and set up reminders for when shops are due.


Quickbooks can be used to keep track of billing and jobs.


Use index cards and monthly dividers to keep track of what shops you have scheduled in a particular month.  On the index card you can write the shop, the mystery shopping company you are shopping for, the address of the business, the telephone number, etc.


This idea is from a post I read on a message board.  Use 2 binders - one for TO DO jobs and one for COMPLETED jobs.  

For the TO DO binder:  Use numerical dividers each one representing a date.  When you have a shop scheduled, put the paperwork and pertinent information behind the numerical divider corresponding to the date.

For the COMPLETED jobs binder:  Use A-Z dividers.  When a job is completed file the important paperwork behind the alphabetical divider according to the companies name.  Then when you get paid for the job simply staple the check stub to the receipt.

Use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of the shops you have scheduled. 


Use a hanging file system to keep track of completed shops.  I have a file cabinet with one drawer used exclusively for mystery shopping paperwork.  I have a hanging file for each company that I actively work for.  Once I have completed a shop I file the paperwork in the file folder for that particular company.


Many people will use a Day timer to keep track of shops.  The problem that I found with using a Day timer is I didn't have enough room in the small boxes to write more than one shop.  On a Saturday, for example, I have had as many as 10 shops to complete on one day.