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Learn to Play Piano

Piano Wizard Methodology solution to improving child brain development

Making Music Helps Make the Grade

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Children's Health
Aug 15, 2007 - 9:47:21 AM


(HealthNewsDigest.com) - Longmont, Colo. - Piano Wizard Methodology is revolutionizing today’s child by incorporating age old music lessons with hi-tech entertaining and easy to play video games. The foundation of the Piano Wizard Methodology is based on the knowledge that playing music particularly the piano, enhances brain development in children thereby improving math, reading, spatial-temporal scores and more. According to a recent study done by neurologist Dr. Frank Wilson, musicians use approximately 90 percent of their brain while playing or singing. The study found no other activity that used the brain to that extent.

A recent study by the University of California showed that after eight months of keyboard lessons preschoolers showed a 46% boost in their spatial reasoning IQ. In Leipzig, brain scan research found that musicians not only had a larger brain region that was related to some reading skills, but also displayed a thicker bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two halves of the brain when compared to non-musicians.

For years now, Allegro Multimedia has been a strong proponent for the use of music education as a means to improve the development of children’s minds. Piano Wizard, Allegro’s first music education tool, provides the solution by giving children as young as three the ability to learn piano in such an intuitive way, that many are playing piano within minutes. The popularity of Piano Wizard as a teaching tool has spawned several Piano Wizard Academies nationwide where schools offer music education curriculum to children around the Piano Wizard method.

The magic of the game lies in the Piano Wizard 4-Step Method, this method approaches piano lessons in such a radically different way than has ever been attempted before. First, players follow vertically moving game objects as a guide for hitting notes. It then progresses by rotating the video screen, making game objects travel horizontally, thus mimicking the lines of the staff and providing insight into musical theory. Next, game objects transform into colored notes to on the grand staff, then finally into traditional black & white notation.

The Piano Wizard Methodology is based on the CEO of Allegro Multimedia, Chris Salter’s belief that music and music education is critical to the positive development of the minds of children. “With Piano Wizard’s unique brand of intuitive music education, we have children as young as three who are learning to play Bach and Beethoven. The positive response we have seen in our students from the Piano Wizard Academy has been nothing short of remarkable. Aside from showing improved grades in school, they also demonstrated improved behavior both in class and at home” said Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Multimedia.

For more information, please visit www.pianowizard.com.


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