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Kangol Tropic Ventair 504 Cap-Basic Colors

This is a classic shape that can be worn with anything in your wardrobe. You can wear it any way you want, be it forward, backward and even to the side. The Tropic material is a blend of polyester and nylon which makes the hat extremely lightweight a...Read More

Block Banded Skull Cap

Skull caps are all the rage, even in summer these lightweight caps are comfortable and stylish. Block Headwear's Banded Skull Cap has been seen on many a famous knoggen, does Will Smith ring a bell? Catch CT from the Paris Real World sportin' this ...Read More

Borsalino Beret - sold out

Imported from The world famous Italian hat manufacturer Borsalino, established in 1857. Beautiful quality, 100% wool felt, sweatband with 'Borsalino Made In Italy' embossed, rich lining with 'Borsalino' name pattern throughout. Sizes: Large and Extra...Read More

Astro-Turf Golf Beret

This wild and crazy beret is guaranteed to delight any golfing nut. It adorns Bill Murray's head on the cover of his book, "CINDERELLA STORY: My Life in Golf." One size fits most....Read More

Henschel Lambskin French Beret

The Henschel Hat Company is a U.S. Manufacturer that has been creating and producing headwear in a variety of styles since 1947. The soft and buttery texture of Lambskin is the perfect material for this stylish hat. The Lambskin Beret has a satin l...Read More

Kangol Anglobasque Beret

Berets were the first hats made by Kangol. Kangol was founded by Jacob Spreiregen who imported berets from France to Britian. Jacob could not get enough berets from France to satisfy his British customers in the 1930s, and so he began producing them ...Read More

Tilley T-1 Hat

Its the Tilley version of the bucket hat, with all the fabulous Tilley features. The brim measurements: Front-2 1/2", Back-2 1/4" and Sides-2". Available in Natural only.n...Read More

Tilley T-2 Hat with underbrim

The T-2 is the best damn sailing hat in the entire world, according to writer-sailor, Donald. M. Street. The widest-brimmed Tilley Hat with measurements: Front and Back-3 7/8" , Sides-3 1/2". It is also de rigueur for fair ladies who choose to rem...Read More

Tilley T-3 Hat

Its the most sought after Tilley Hat with brim measurements: Front and Back-2 3/4", Sides-2 3/8". This classic hat is available in the colors: Natural, Khaki and Olive. Available sizes: 6 7/8 to 8+.n...Read More

Helen Kaminski Classic 5

The Kaminski Classic is the quintessential ladys straw hat of contemporary fashion. The woven raffia braid body provides durability as well as ample sun protection from the braided 5 row brim. Hand made from high quality Madagascan raffia, it is st...Read More

Kaminski Corsica-N/A

The Corsica has a standard sized brim that can be manipulated up for an off-face style, or down for a lampshape look (which provides ultimate sun protection). The crocheted Madagascan raffia offers a breathable body which is perfect when traveling t...Read More

Helen Kaminski Provence 12

The Provence 12 is constructed from a fine grade raffia from Madagascar. The body is made of a hand-crochet stitch that has no interior knots, therefore providing extreme comfort. The brim is very malleable and can be shaped and adjusted for indivi...Read More

Kaminski Newport

The Newport is constructed of top quality raffia finely braided by hand into long lengths called tress. The tress are sewn together in extremely close rows and shaped by hand at the same time; this process results in a versatile body whose brim can ...Read More

19th Century Top Hat

In the days when most men aspired to the status of a gentleman, the Top Hat was the outward and visible sign that they had succeeded. Beautifully made, this classic hat has a 7" high crown that gently tapers outward. The brim is 2" wide and curls in ...Read More

Satin Collapsible Opera Top Hat

Each hat is made of top quality Satin, whose sheen is similar to that of its extinct predecessor (the Beaver Fur Felt Top Hat, available only as antiques). The crown in 5" high and has a distinct hollow sound when thumped with the fingertips. Thr b...Read More

Uncle Sam Top Hat-Adult

Plush velvet top hat crafted in a patriotic pattern of red, white, and blue. The flared crown is 9" high and the brim is 2 1/2" wide. There is a durable wire in the brim that curves in the front and back, this helps to maintain the character of the ...Read More

Magician's Top Hat-Adult

Abracadabra! This velvet topper comes with a little rabbit with long ears, perfect for pulling out of the secret compartment at the top of the hat. The rabbit will magically appear from the 9" high flared crown and rest its little feet upon the 2 1/...Read More

Tie-Dye Top Hat

This hat will react to black lights, so its perfect for those Halloween parties, or evenings out at the nightclubs. The flared crown is 9" high and the brim width is 2 1/2". There is a Velcro tab to adjust the fit. It comes equipped with a secret ...Read More

Sport Birthday Cake Hat-Adult

This jubilant hat has 8 flaming candles and has "Happy Birthday" embroidered upon the velvet cake in various bright colors. The sports theme is represented by the embroidered footballs, soccer balls, basketballs and other tools used in the athletic ...Read More

Over The Hill Birthday Cake Hat

This velvet cake novewlty hat has 8 blue candles burning in all their glory accompanied by colorful ribbon rosettes that dot the crown. There is a vinyl label which states "WARNING: EXTREME FIREHAZARD." "Only light candles in the the company of the ...Read More

Older Than Dirt Birthday Cake Hat

This gray velvet cake novelty hat has black ribbon rosettes all around the crown to match the 8 flaming black candles. A vinyl label states "WARNING: HANDLE WITH CARE". The inside pocket can be used to store an extra set of teeth or bi-focals. The...Read More

Miner's Helmet with Light

Whether you are caving or walking your dog you can look fashionable in this Miners Hard Hat with working light. (Batteries not included, uses two size AA) Not for serious use! One size fits most, internal plastic frame adjuster. Available color: ...Read More

Tri-corn/Bi-corn Hat

A plush Velvet hat that is trimmed in gold brocade along the underside and brim edge. You can manipulate the brim to resemble the Tri-corn hat or a Cavalier hat. The possibilites are endless, just use your imagination. This is one of the most versat...Read More

Cat in the Hat-Adult

This stovepipe style top hat is made of red and white felt strips sewn in a striped pattern. The Adult size crown is 14" high. Wear these to the new Broadway musical "Seussical the Musical", but not inside the venue, you don't want to block anyone'...Read More

U-Shape-It Sundance Kid

A hat that combines the great qualities of the crushable, waterproof wool felts (fold them, stuff them, sit on them) with the ability to create your own style by shaping the brim. This hat is popular with both women and men. 3 3/8 inch brim, cattlema...Read More

Crushable Western

An American made, 100% wool felt hat created to take anything you can dish out. Fold it, sit on it, or stuff it into your coat pocket. When you need your hat, simply shake it back into its original shape. Waterproofed by SCOTCHGUARD protection. It ha...Read More

The Bogart

This fur felt fedora blocked with a c-crown (A.K.A. teardrop crease) is designed by The Village Hat Shop. It features a 2 3/8 inch brim with a raw finish (no welt), a 1 5/8 inch grosgrain trim with a bow finish, side feather. Genuine leather sweatban...Read More

The Monk

This classic fur felt pork pie is designed by The Village Hat Shop and features a 2 1/8 inch brim with an underwelt finish. 1 5/8 inch grosgrain trim with a bow finish and side feather. Genuine leather sweatband with an ivory satin lining with The Vi...Read More

The Aussie

The Village Hat Shop designed this fur felt fedora inspired by classic Australian styling. The brim is 3 1/4 inches in the front and the back, 3 inches at the sides with a grosgrain bound edge. This hat features a 2-ply Stetson cord trim with a side ...Read More

The Cagney

The Village Hat Shop designed this classic fur felt fedora with a 2 1/4 inch snap brim and a underwelt finish. The hat features a 1 5/8 inch grosgrain trim with a side feather as well as a genuine leather sweatband and white satin lining with The Vil...Read More