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Mystery Shopping Tips

  • BestMark, one of the bigger mystery shopping companies requires mystery shoppers to be accurate and honest in their reporting.

  • Above all - act professional.

  • Don't accept a job if you are not able to complete it.  Schedulers and mystery shopping companies are depending upon you - don't let them down.

  • If an emergency comes up and you are unable to complete the shop, notify your scheduler or the mystery shopping company as soon as possible.  Let them know with lots of advance notice so that they can find another shopper to complete the shop.  Don't wait for 3 days after the shop was do to tell them your car broke down.   

  • Don't make up ridiculous excuses.  The schedulers and companies share information about shoppers with each other.  If they compare notes and see that your same grandpa died 3 times in one year then you won't be getting many jobs.  

  • Find out all the details you can about the shop before you accept it.  Know how much you will be paid, what the due date is, and what your out of pocket expense will be.  There should be no surprises when you receive the official shop instructions.

  • Once you accept the shop, don't try to renegotiate the fee.  

  • Follow directions exactly!  Read your instructions clearly.  Before you go on the shop you must know exactly what the company is looking for.  

  • Answering questions on the report:  Be thorough but concise in your answers.  If the reports asks for 5 sentences then give them 5 sentences. If they ask a yes/no question then answer it that way. Proofread your report before you submit and note any discrepancies.

  • Only give your opinions if the company asks for your opinion.  Most times the companies want you to report the facts - not how you think they could improve.

  • Most companies want lots of details!  Don't add unnecessary words just to fluff up your report - give them meat!  If you have problems remember details considering investing in a digital recorder.  Lots of shoppers use them and they are very small.