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Tulips:  A great flower for the frugal gardener!
Frugal gardening has brought me to a new place this year - tulips!  I have always admired their beauty, but thought of them as either  too hard to grow or too expensive to plant.  Boy was I wrong!  Granted I was living in Florida and tulips do not grow well in Florida.  They really need to be planted in a place where you receive at least 2 months of good winter weather.  It is during this cold time that the tulips properly develop and get ready for their splendid blooms.  But now that I live in the Carolinas I am able to enjoy the beauty of these fall bulbs. 


Apeldoorn Tulips

Signal-red Apeldoorn tulips from Holland add a bright splash to your garden!

Apricot Beauty Tulips

Single-early Apricot Beauty tulips bring an unusual color to garden designs. Ranging from apricot to apricot-pink they are sure to steal the show!

Atilla Graffiti Tulips

Attila Graffiti is an improved version of the old Attila tulips. This purple beauty is great for mixing with other colors for added interest.

Golden Apeldoorn Tulips

The yellow sister of Apeldoorn tulips.

Golden Parade Tulips

Golden Parade provides a tall display of clear yellow tulips.

Gudoshnik Tulips

Cool red-orange speckled Gudoshnik tulips look spectacular close-up and nice at a distance too.

Kees Nelis Tulips

Flamed Kees Nelis tulips are great in massed plantings.

Kingsblood Tulips

Blood-red Kingsblood tulips are early bloomers.

Lucky Strike Tulips

Cool Lucky Strike tulips steal the show with their white-edged red blooms.

Maureen Tulips

White Maureen tulips make great season-extenders and are also wonderful cut flowers.

Menton Tulips

Salmon-pink Menton tulips add length to the spring season. Their tall stems make them good for cut flowers as well as garden displays.

Mixed Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Darwin Hybrid mixture. If you can't decide what color of tulips to get try the mix!


More Fall Flower Bulb Tulips...


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Tips for planting Tulips:

  • Tulips grow best in seasonal climates that have at least 2 months of winter weather.

  • Tulips love the sun so make sure you plant them in a full sun spot.

  • Plant fall bulbs pointed side up about 5 inches deep.

  • Plant with about 4 inches between each bulb.

  • Once the blooms die - leave them alone.  Cutting off the yellowed leaves can actually harm your bulbs.

  • Tulips do not grow well in clay because their roots have a tough time permeating the clay.  If you have clay soil, simply mix in peat moss, bone meal, compost or the like to aerate the soil.

  • For maximum bloom provide plenty of fertilizer and water.





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