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Children's Activities

Visit The Most "Colorful" Store on the Web at Crayola.com! - They have some really neat online activities for kids.  You can find Arts and Crafts, Coloring pages, Cards to make, Lesson Plans and lots more!  Crayola.com


Quill Writing - Find a chicken or turkey feather and cut the end off at a slant.  Dip into tempra paint, thinned with water and write!


Create a home Library!  This is a great way to involve the kids in organizing your bookshelves.  Have your children gather up all of their books.  Make envelopes by folding paper and tape into the back cover of each book.  Then write the title of each book on an index card and place it inside the envelope on the back cover of the book.  Older children can create a card catalog system for organizing the books in alphabetical order and you can develop a system for checking out books!


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Hopscotch - Draw a chalk hotscotch pattern on the pavement outside and number the boxes from 1 - 10.  (If you can't go outside you can make an indoor hopscotch pattern with masking tape on the carpet.)  The first player tosses a small object such as a stone onto square 1.  The child then hops onto each square except square 1.  At the end the child reverses the hopping direction and while in square 2 bends down and picks up the stone that is in square 1.  Then he jumps onto square one and off the board.  If the child makes it back without making a mistake then the child will toss into square 2 and continue in the same way.  The children take turns hopping until someone makes it through the board.


Make Greeting Cards - Cut an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper in half.  Each half can make a card.  Have your child decorate the card with rubber stamps, markers, crayons, glitter, paint...whatever craft things you have on hand.  


Homemade Parachutes - Take a handkerchief or a piece of square material and let your child decorate it.  Then take 4 pieces of string that are equal in length and tie one to each corner of the material.  Bring them all together with a bread twist.  (You could also use a key chain ring or similar item.)  Next attach a small toy to the end of the parachute and have fun watching it float down to the ground.


Cup Houses - Keep younger children busy by building towers with plastic cups.  They aren't as difficult to build as card houses and they will offer lots of building fun!


Homonym 20 Questions - Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings.  Think of a pair of homonyms.  Allow your child to ask you 20 yes/no questions to figure out the words you are thinking of.  Some homonym examples are:  meat - meet, two - too, bear - bare.


Jigsaw Puzzles - Find a large magazine picture that you like (if you don't have any old magazines you can have your child color their own picture).  Cut out the picture and paste it onto a piece of cardboard.  Trim the cardboard so it is the same size as the picture.  Carefully cut the cardboard-backed picture into puzzle pieces.  The larger the pieces the easier the puzzle will be to put back together.  Store your puzzle pieces in a zip lock bag.


Silver Statues - Make any type of clay statue - animal, person, abstract.  Then cover the entire form with aluminum foil.  Gently press the foil close to the clay shape and it will cling to the outline of the statue.  


Pick-up Sticks - Hold a fisful of toothpicks tightly in your hand.  Put your fist on the table with the toothpicks standing upright.  Let go of the toothpicks and let them fall wherever they fall.  Children take turns picking up sticks one toothpick at a time without moving any of the other toothpicks.


Do your children love to play games?   There are lots of games that you teach your children to play in our Birthday Party Game section.



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