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Work from Home:  Home based Freight Brokerage Business


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Freight Brokerage Service

Freight Brokerage Service

The majority of goods shipped in the U.S are sent by truck. Without freight brokers, most of those goods would end up sitting in a warehouse or on the docks.

As a freight broker, you can make good money, right from your home, matching up carriers with shippers for a fee.

It’s a very easy business to start. No special training or knowledge of the shipping industry is needed. And equipment costs are minimal. All you really need is a computer, a phone and a fax machine. Our guide will do the rest.

We’ll explain how to find carriers and shippers, market your services, build your client base, and more. The need for freight brokers is always on the rise. Order this guide and get in on the action.

This guide makes an ideal homebased business.


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