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Make Money This Easter With Your Own Personalized Letter Writing Business
By Liz Folger, Work-at-Home Mom Expert

Most likely you’ve heard about the business of selling personalized letters from Santa during Christmas time, but did you know this business could actually be run throughout the year?

Spring is going to be on us before we know it and we all know that means Easter is on its way. The Easter Bunny is usually a pretty quiet guy, but thanks to the letter writing business, we can help him break his silence.

Can you imagine how excited a child will be when they get a letter from the Easter Bunny? Kids love Easter! The candy, colored eggs, Easter egg hunts - most kids are very familiar with the Easter Bunny who secretly drops off their Easter Basket each year.

However you can create any type of letters for spring; they don’t have to be just from the Easter Bunny. You can pick any type of characters you want that you think kids are going to want to get a letter from.


Selling these letters can be a lot of fun. Visit your local daycare centers and see if you can send home a flyer with the kids. To help them to decide that this is a great idea, you can tell them the daycare will get $1 for each letter sold.

This is also a great way to advertise your business. A few children get letters from the Easter Bunny and of course they’re going to want to bring those letters to daycare to show all their friends. Those friends will go home and say how wonderful this was and how much they wish they had received a letter. You get the picture?


Is there a children’s hospital in your local area? One idea would be to start an Easter letter program where people pay for a letter to be donated to a child in the hospital. Hospital stays can be very long. Just imagine how nice it would be for hospitalized children to get a letter like this? Not only will the child feel good, but the person who donated a letter is going to feel very good too.

A great way to promote this idea would be to send out press releases to your local newspaper and TV news stations. You might even think about contacting your local talk radio shows about doing a show on this idea.


Some Churches publish a monthly newsletter. Advertising your Easter Letter to kids and Adults would be a wonderful idea. Here you could offer Easter Bunny, Angel letters, or a general Easter Religious letter. This might even be something that could be put in the weekly bulletin.

A Fun And Rewarding Business

Making money with Easter Letters can really be a lot of fun and very rewarding too. It’s a great feeling when that first parent calls you to tell you how happy their son or daughter is because of the special letter they received in the mail.

Easter is just one of the Holidays you can use to promote your letters. Halloween has pumpkins and witches. Letters from the tooth fairy, or a general letter to say “Hey, good job being helpful around the house and being nice to your sister,” are also great letter ideas for this business.

If you market your letters all year, when Christmas comes around you will have a list of people who have already purchased from you. Then, when they want to buy that Santa letter, who else would they think of buying it from but you?!

Writing specialty letters is a wonderful business for moms to start. If you want further information on how to start this type of business visit: