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Are you looking for more work at home opportunities?  If you have still not found the perfect work from home job then this section can give you even more ideas.  I have included work from home jobs, businesses and opportunities that I have researched but have not personally tried.  

Home Referral Network Business  A FrugalMom Top Pick for a real work from home business.

Soy Candles Scentsations:  Perfect Home Business for At-Home Women - Fully Online with an Established Candle Company - FREE Information!

Disciples CrossDisciples Cross is a Christian business where you earn money making crosses at home.  No selling is involved!  Click here to read a Disciples Cross testimony from a Frugal Mom!
Start a Photography Business - Learn How You Can Earn an Excellent Second Income with Your Camera, How to Take Great Pictures to Impress Customers, or How to Photograph a Wedding for a Friend, and How to Do This Without Making the Same Mistakes That 95% of People Make!  You are also able to download a section of this guide free. Click here for more information.
Make Money with your Digital Camera - From the author, "Within two weeks of buying my digital camera, I had created my first screensaver and was selling then on eBay. Since then I have sold more than 1300 screensavers for $7.97 each. I made over 10,000 dollars just from this one simple strategy. This more than paid for the digital camera."  Click here for more information.
Write Children's Books - Want to write for kids? Author of 54 published books reveals inside info how to write for kids! Click here for How to Write a Great Children's Book!
Personal Organizer: If you have a knack for helping others get organized, and you'd like to start your own business, why not become a professional organizer? It's a fun business that you can run on your own time, and it can be very profitable! For more information, click here.
How To Make Cigar Box Purses for Fun and Profit -- "The brand new video series that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make these beautiful designer purses. No stone is left unturned in teaching you this fun and profitable craft." Click here for more information.
Candy Wrapper Business - With our candy wrapper Software, you can Start Your own Candy Wrapper Business, or make them for your own events.

I actually found 2 different sites.   Click here for Dapper Wrappers!

Starting a Catering Business - If you enjoy cooking food, then now's the perfect time to consider starting your own home-based catering business. 

Home Day Care Center

Money Making Garage Sales - Discover How to Hold the Biggest and Most Profitable Garage Sale Ever!

Paid to Party - How to start an event business from you home supplying people with a high demand service.

Medical Transcription at Home - Medical transcription is a career that is in high demand that very few people know about.  

Starting a Cleaning Business - Start your own house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or any other type of cleaning business or service.

Your Own Talent Agency - Learn the  ins and outs of running a Talent Booking Agency.

Make Faces for Profit or Pleasure:  Did you know that you can learn Face Painting skills in only a few hours? Click here for more information.

Start your Own Online Bookstore - Earn a nice part-time income...Start Your Own Online Used Bookselling Business on a Shoestring Budget.

Crafts -  Lots of articles on creating your own crafts to sell.
Do you love Mystery Shopping?  Maybe you would be good at starting your own Mystery Shopping Company!  This book is called, "How to Start and Run Your Own Mystery Shopping Company."


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