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Yard Sale Ideas

[ 1 ] May 22, 2010 | Candace

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Is your home or garage cluttered with stuff you don’t use anymore? Do your children have too many toys, most of which they no longer play with? Would you like to earn a little extra money for your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be ready to have a yard sale. A yard sale takes work and planning, but armed with these tips on how to have a yard sale from Amanda and Jenn, you can have a successful yard sale!

How to Have a Yard Sale:

Tips from Amanda

1. Obviously you want to put nice looking signs with clear directions on the main road. I hate when I start to follow a yard sign and then get lost in a neighborhood. I would pick a bright color and writeYARD SALE and then an arrow and your address underneath. Too much information on the sign and people won’t be able to read it as they drive by. Then place the arrow signs in the same bright color along the route to help people find their way to your house. Do that for different place on the main road that people can reach your house from. Make the signs large enough for people to be able to see. Seems so obvious I know but so many times the signs you see by the road are so small I can’t read what is on them.

2. Make sure you have lots of small bills and coins to make change with. It would be terrible to lose a sale because you don’t have the right change.

3. Put a price sticker on everything. Then you won’t have to answer “how much do you want for this” a hundred times in one day. Also if you get busy people will be able to get along without your assistance.

4. If you are selling any electric make sure you have an extension cord handy so they can see that it works.

5. Do you have tables that you can set up outside? You want to display things in an attractive way. I have seen a lot of people put toys down on the ground at the kids level. That way the kids will be able to pick out stuff for their mom or dad to buy them!

6. Can the boys help out in the toy section? Maybe let them be salesmen of their old stuff and then they can use the money to buy something for their new room.

7. Have plastic grocery bags to put purchases in. Have any of those hanging around?

8. Sell sodas and/or homemade cookies or brownies individually packaged. Whenever I go to yard sales with my kids I almost always buy them a treat. Especially if they are priced right!

9. Be ready for early birds!

10. Don’t budge on your price too early in the morning. You’ll have lots of opportunities to sell the good stuff and the price you want. You can always mark it down later.
Tips from Jenn

1. My family has had many yard sales, since they’ve always been before moving, we’d call them MOVING SALES. Someone once told us that moving sales have better stuff than yard sales and so we’ve attracted more customers with that on our signs. (of course, don’t call it a moving sale if you’re not moving!)

2.Put the bigger stuff towards the front, or otherwise make sure they can be clearly seen; many people do ‘drive-by’s’ to see if it’s worth the effort of getting out of the car.

3. I agree that too much info on the signs leading to your home is a bad idea. But to grab the drive-by customers, post a large sign listing your big sellers (washer, sofa, things like that) on your garage/house and just cross them off as they sell.

4. As you sell numerous items, rearrange your sale so it doesn’t appear that what’s left is the “left-overs”. Drive-by’s won’t stop, and you’ll get more customers trying to talk your prices down.

5. I decided to place things on tables by price and skip the stickers, I would just label the table. Plus, as your prices drop, its easier to change.

6. If you are selling cd’s, books, or anything you have a lot of, post a discount for multiple purchases. We got rid of cd’s alot quicker by charging $3 each, 5 for $10.

7.  Take stuff like dishes out of boxes so they are more eye-catching.

8. Set up the most you can the night before (if you have a garage) and get to bed early and be up early!

What successful yard sale ideas do you have?  Share them in the comments!

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