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FrugalMom's Top Work At Home Programs

Work at home recommendations for work from home moms (and dads).  Many parents love the idea of staying home with their children, but they cannot always afford to give up a second income.  That is why I have put together this information on work from home ideas for work at home moms and dads.

In the following 3 sections you will find:

If you are investigating working from home, SBI offers a free WAHM guide about being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) or Dad.  The guide is actually 3 ebooks, complete with case studies, a book on getting organized, and the WHAM guide.  Free Download - zip file with all three books.

Working from home falls into two categories:  Either you are going to sell something or your are going to provide a service.  Here are our picks for both categories:

"Low Risk - Low Investment" Work at Home Solutions

These work from home picks have very little up-front cost, low ongoing cost and do not require you to stock products.

FrugalMom's Editor's Picks for Selling Wholesale Products on eBay

Selling Products on Ebay or on Your Website can be fast, easy and requires little investment & no inventory!


If you are looking for Shopster.com, we have withdrawn our recommendation on this program.  This offering is exactly as advertised, but most of our readers elected not to continue with the program after the free trial.  Since it is not meeting the needs of you, our readers, we are withdrawing our recommendation as an Editors Pick

This leaves World Wide Brands as the top solution we have found for drop ship or wholesale solutions.  With their new integrated OneSource solution, nothing in the marketplace compares..

Our TOP Reviewed Pick for Drop Ship Programs is OneSource, by World Wide Brands. ============>

 World Wide Brands

The best recommendation we can give for this company is that we are a client!  Worldwide Brands provides the leading tools for the anyone looking for wholesale products to sell on eBay or in their own online store.  A top notch company that is not content to rest on their reputation, World Wide Brands continue to improve their tools and product sources list.

Visit these exciting pages for more information:

w Free Wholesale Product Sourcing Newsletter

w Free Learning Center

w Product Tour & Free Preview

w Product Sourcing Video

FrugalMom's Editor's Picks for Providing Services Working From Home

Rounding out our low cost and low investment work from home picks, these solutions allow you to work as little as you like, or as much as you wish. Please note you are not going to make a living from paid surveys, but its a way to augment other income and/or get some "extra" spending money each month.   If you are looking for a real home based business, continue to scroll down.

Freelance Work Exchange

We've reviewed this program and can highly recommend Freelance Work Exchange. I have to admit, reviewing the site was hard, because I kept getting distracted by all the interesting opportunities.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs: Writing, Design, Proofreading

  • Freelance Programming Jobs :Programming, Software Development and Technical jobs

  • Too many Freelance Work From Home Listings to list!

In addition to all of the current freelance job postings, they offer many free productivity tools, including free software downloads and ebooks.

$2.95 gets you an (almost) Free Trial Check it out for yourself for a week with no limitations, and for less than the cost of a good cup of coffee.!

Paid Online Surveys

Our top pick for Paid Online Surveys:

Maximum Paid Surveys

In researching this paid online survey company the terms ultimate reference, premium source, most authoritive site and others just kinda jumped out at me. This site doesn't promise anything others don't, they just seem to deliver. I was also impressed by the honesty of the following statement on their web site:

NFO - My Survey

This is my personal favorite survey company!  I have been a member of their company for years and I love them.  I receive a lot of surveys from them and they are great at sending money. I also like  American Consumer Opinion  They pay really well!  As a member of American Consumer OpinionŽ, you will have the opportunity to participate in surveys, test new products, and evaluate new commercials.  - Frugal Mom

"Low Risk - Moderate  Investment" Home Based Business

FrugalMom's Top Picks for a Home Based Business

As opposed to a work at home job, you can run your own complete business from home.  Here are our top picks of the true home based business opportunities.

AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Can you write a simple letter?  If so, you could make big money as a copywriter.  I have thoroughly reviewed AWAI's copywriting program and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to begin their own direct response marketing business, and work from home as a copywriter.  Please click here for more information.

Homeowners Referral Network - A Great "Low Risk " Work from Home Solution 

This is a true home based business opportunity.  The "low risk" designation was earned by the fact this program is over 10 years old, has numerous customer testimonials and is one of the better documented opportunities you will find on the internet.

Get more information about one of the better documented work from home opportunities, appearing in recent print articles in over 24 magazines

A small investment created $30,000 in sales the first year which has since grown to over $100,000 a year.

Give the founder 3 Minutes and she will show you how you can operate a respected and proven home based business.

HRN - An Ideal Work From Home Solution


Work at Home Ideas from A to Z for Work at Home Moms!

Articles, Links and Resources

  Ok, you got us, no "Z" job... YET!

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Just a reminder that  this page is not about fast & easy ways to make money.  There are lots of websites that claim they can teach you ways to make fast money, but this isn't one of them.   If you are looking for  information on scams about fast easy ways to make money from home, click here.

Don't be Afraid to Invest In Research

Investing in knowledge is MUCH less expensive than the mistakes it will prevent!

If you are serious about running a business the right way,

this is a great investment in your future success

Business Management Series

Included in this series:

1.  Starting your own Business. This plain-English guide walks you through every aspect of starting a business.

2.  Creating a Successful Business Plan. Step-by-step strategies to help you write a plan that will get your business off to a secure start.

3.  Financing Your Small Business. This guide reveals over 101 sources of capital, including a state-by-state index of small business friendly banks.

 4. Successful Sales and Marketing. Loaded with proven marketing advice & tactics, this guide can help you transform your business into a money making machine.

Business Management Series

More Information

Work at Home Articles

A collection of WAHM articles for the work at home mom.    

Frugal Mom Work at Home Bookstore!  

Visit our WAHM bookstore for a wonderful selection of books for the WAHM!





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