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Frugal living is a way of life; a way of life that some choose, but many do not. Perhaps you need to practice frugal living because your husband has just lost his job and you need to conserve your finances.  Or maybe you chose frugal living because you would like to stay home with your children, or you are saving for a new vacation.  Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here. Come in and learn about frugal living with Frugal Mom and be sure to check out our top work from home recommendations

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FrugalMom's Top Picks For:

4 Work From Home Ideas

4  Home Based Business

Can You Write??

If yes, you could be in big demand, earning big money, writing just a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to be.

Learn the secrets of this little-known, lucrative business. It is highly recommended by Frugal Mom!

Cash in on the $40 Billion Dollar Pet Industry

4  Start a Doggy Day Care

4 Starting a Pet Sitting Business

4  Start Your Own Dog Bakery

Read the story of how one pregnant mom started pet sitting part time and turned it into an $85,000/yr business.

Our Review of a Real Home-based Business. 

Read our frugal mom review of this mom's home-based business and learn about her success story.

Online Survey Companies

There are hundreds of these companies, many of them are scams. Here are our reviewed picks for top paid online survey and free online survey companies.

Written by a Work at Home Mom Who "Made it"

One of the best resources of its kind available! 95 pages of step-by-step instructions for the beginner Internet Marketer - or someone with some experience online, but is not making a substantial income. More....

Starting a Child Daycare

A kit for starting a day care, whether in your home, church or commercial location. Kit includes forms, business letters, and complete business plan. View table of contents & list of forms on the authors' web site.

Work From Home - Freelance Jobs

Work as much or little as you like.  Pick the jobs you like - when you want them!

4 Work at Home Jobs

4 Freelance Programmer

4 Freelance Writing Jobs

Work From Home Ideas

We have compiled a list of work from home ideas and opportunities with something for everyone!  Improve your life & work from home! 

Work From Home From A-Z

Mystery Shopping:

Another low risk, low investment work from home idea is mystery shopping.

Learn how to be a Mystery Shopper

Free Database of Mystery Shopping Companies 

Mystery Shopping Tips

Getting Organized

Setting up Your Home Office

How to Find Mystery Shopping Leads

Want to Learn How to Really Sell on eBay?

A great way to learn how to make real  money on eBay is through the  Auction Resource Network Don't let the intro page fool you. I personally reviewed this by subscribing and while I don't particularly like this type of intro sales pages, this site delivers all it promises.

Drop Shipping is a good "low risk" work from home solution for Frugal Moms and Dads.  No inventory, you take the orders  and someone else does the heavy lifting!  See our comparisons of two top drop ship solutions.

Check our these Free Resources for Finding Products to Sell on eBay  (Free ebooks, free videos, free articles, audio interviews and more)

Find the PERFECT home business for YOU!
No scams and no hype. All you need is the brand-new WORK-AT-HOME KIT. Developed by the founder of the highly-acclaimed national association of Home-Based Working Moms!


Looking for Coupons? 

FrugalMom has coupons to your favorite stores! 

Click here to find coupons before you shop!

8 Romantic Frugal Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift idea that is both romantic and frugal?  The good news is, romantic doesn't have to be expensive.  You may be on a limited budget, but that doesn't mean you are on limited creativity. With a little brain juice, and a small amount of planning, you can come up with the ultimate romantic gift to give your sweetheart. Full Article

Fun Fact:  Did you know UPS drivers plan their routes to avoid left hand turns?  It's true! UPS studies show that avoiding left hand turns saves time, conserves fuel, reduces emissions, and reduces potential for accidents.

101 Ways to Save TODAY!

Our message board is jammed packed with great ideas for saving money.  We've taken some of the best ideas, and put them all together for you in our blog article, 101 Ways to Save Today!

Need Help Budgeting?

One of the worst financial mistakes you can make is to wait until you are in the middle of a financial crisis before getting a grip on your budget.  We've written a 2 part blog series on How to Budget, that you can start today. Not only do we teach you how to budget, but we give you the tools you need to get started like a Spending Log Form, and a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet that does all the hard work for you.  You don't want to miss this!

Are you in a Frugal State of Mind?

If you aren't, you need to be!  Find out how to change your thinking from a spender to someone who has a frugal state of mind.  Your pocketbook will thank you! 

How to Cut Household Expenses

How we save over $40 per month, every month, on our phone bill alone!

See our Frugal Living Page
for more Frugal Living Tips & Articles

Top School Fundraisers

School Fund Raiser, Booster Club Fundraising, PTA Fund Raising programs Including Worlds Finest candy bars, candles, gifts, magazines, popcorn, scratch cards and more - all from from QSP Readers Digest - an American Icon!

Once a Month Cooking

Learn how to save both time and money with Once a Month Cooking (also known as Freezer Cooking). We have a step-by-step guide that will teach you exactly how to do Once a Month Cooking as well as our collection of free recipes!

Free Language Lessons

If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, this may be the solution you have been looking for.  Evaluate six lessons of Spanish, French or German at no cost . Click the language of your choice and scroll down the page to the link for the free 6-day foreign language course.

Real Deals - Real Savings
For Information on How to Save Thousands on Homes and Cars, visit our Frugal Living Page.

Frugal Church Building

A series of articles on church building and  church construction financing. Save tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on your church!

Frugal Deals on Computer Equipment!

Shop where Frugal Dad shops and get HUGE discounts on Computers, Home Entertainment and all sorts of electronics. 
TigerDirect Overstock Clearance

Check out other frugal living tips and articles in our

Frugal Living Archive

Insurance tips
Be sure to shop around for your car, travel and home insurance. The internet is a great resource, and many websites offer discounts, all cover all different types of insurance.


STOP PAYING HIGH $$ for frozen diet meals that never really look or taste as good as the picture! Learn how to make & freeze your own diet meals! Lose weight while saving money with the Easy-Does-It Diet Plan & Cookbook or read more about it here on FrugalMom.

Discover the simple plan that takes just 5 minutes a day to help you understand where all your money is going, control your spending, and actually start saving. My Budget Planner Information

Frugal Pets  

4  Free Dog Training Newsletter

4 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

4  Potty Training Puppy

4  Save on Dog Obedience Training

4 Correcting Bad Dog Behavior

4  Make Your Own Dog Food & Save $$

Frugal Dates

Looking for fun, yet frugal, date night ideas?  Here are over 300 frugal date ideas, most under $20!  As seen on Oprah!

The Frugal Way to Learn How to Play Piano

Piano Wizard Methodology Also Improves Child Brain Development
Read Full Article

All Kinds of Care! Free Search

Child Care
Elder Care
Pet Care
and even Housekeepers!

Potty training babyPotty Training
FrugalMom Popular

Proven potty training products and helpful articles. Be sure to check out PODS, one of our most popular products!


Decorate Your Child's Room with Giant Animal Stickers! giant wall stickers kids room

 FrugalMom Popular Product

Create an underwater aquarium, a farm or a jungle with Animal Wall Stickers and Murals! 

Children's Furniture

Check our our selection of Children's Recliners & Children's Rockers. These kid's recliners are just like mom & dad's recliners, only kid sized!

Prevent or Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Guaranteed to Work with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. FrugalMom did a review of forum posts and blogs and, while it did not seem to work for everyone (that's what money back guarantees are for), the overwhelming consensus is that it's a great product for getting rid of stretch marks!!

Shop Frugal Mom

Cool Deals on Cool Stuff

How to Improve a Marriage

Traditional counseling & working at marriage issues can stress-out an already fragile relationship.
Marriage Fitness is totally different - and effective. Featured by NBC, Ladies Home Journal, Fox News and Family Circle.

Low cost games for all occasions

Games for all Holidays, Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers


Frugal Family Travel

Being frugal doesn't mean your family can never vacation, but it does mean being intelligent about your travel choices and planning for the future. If a yearly family getaway is a priority, the option to buy timeshares at popular destinations world-wide can save you thousands off vacation costs during the course of your ownership.

Even if you're not ready to purchase, choosing timeshare rental rather than booking hotels can save you hundreds of dollars every time you vacation. And since most timeshare units have kitchens, you can save even more by preparing your own meals.


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